Thursday, July 14, 2011

Windows 7 System Log Warning Event Id 219 - how to solve

If you have this warning in your system log even if it is not critical is annoying right?

Here is How to solve this:

Step 1 - Right Click Computer-->Manage-->Device Manager-->Search for Windows SideShow
This warning occurs with the Logitech Keyboards of the G Series that do not have the LCD display like the Logitech G11 model because the recent Logitech software installs automatically the drivers for the LCD display of the keyboard and you don't have LCD screen on your keyboard..

Step 2 - Expand Windows SideShow and disable these 2 device drivers Logitech Game Panel Devices(Mono) & Logitech Game Panel Devices(QVGA).You disable them by right clicking on them and selecting Disable or by double clicking on them and selecting the Driver tab and choosing Disable and yes.

Hope it helped.Thank you for reading my blog.

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