Sunday, March 10, 2013

Firefox 19 Download Manager has the option Clear List greyed out

Since update to version 19, the "Clear List" button on the Download Manager is greyed out and doesn't work.After doing some bug reports on Mozilla and Google-ing to see if other users have experienced this problem I found out that it is an issue on Firefox 19.

Now how to solve this:

Method 1

  • Go to Firefox Advanced Settings by typing in your address bar  about:config;
  •  Now in the search bar type private, you will get a list of values.The ones you should change are(actually only one needs changing if you do not have Ghostery extension):
browser.privatebrowsing.autostart  set it to false
extensions.ghostery.privateBrowsing set it to false (this one will appear only if you have Ghostery extension installed )
  • Now go and try downloading something the Clear List button will be active again...
  • And now for the bug part...If you change those settings back to true the Clear List  button will still work, and your private browsing too, until you close your browser...
browser.privatebrowsing.autostart  set it to true again
extensions.ghostery.privateBrowsing set it to true again (this one will appear only if you have Ghostery extension installed )That should not happen...

Method 2

  • Now for the easy method. Go to Firefox Options menu, Privacy Tab, in the Firefox Will: box choose Use Custom Settings for History and uncheck Always use private browsing mode. That is it.The rest of the options need to be set after your own navigation preferences...
See screenshot:

Optional this is what my Security Tab options look like:

I unchecked the Remember password for sites so that Firefox doesn't annoy me every time I log to my mail account asking me to save passwords...
Also the first 3 options are very useful to have so sites can't install unwanted add-ware, reported malware sites to be blocked and reported phishing sites too..

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