Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Install first Exchange 2007 Server from the command line

Before you install Exchange Server 2007/2010 verify that you have Windows Server 2003 at least sp1 or Windows Server 2003 R2 with sp1.You have installed MMC 3.0(Microsoft Management Console), .Net Frameworks 2.0 and Windows Power Shell.The SMTP and NNTP services must NOT be installed.
For Mailbox Server Role you need IIS 6.0 installed and COM+Access and World Wide Service components active + the things needed for a tipical install.
For Client Access Server Role you need  IIS 6.0 installed and World Wide Service,RPC over HTTP and Asp.NET 2.0  components active + the things needed for a tipical install.
For Unified Messaging Server Role you need Microsoft Windows Media Encoder,Microsoft Windows Media Audio Voice codec,Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML 6.0)+ the things needed for a tipical install.
For Hub Transport role you need nothing more.
For Edge Transport you need Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) installed on a stand alone server which is not part of the domain and is located in a dmz or perimeter network.

1.Open cmd and navigate where your Exchange setup folder is or if you have it on cd navigate from cmd in that folder. type: setup /PrepareAD
3.setup /mode:install /roles:MailBox /OrganizationName exmydomainname
Note:If you want to specify more roles type like this:
setup /mode:install /roles:MailBox,ClientAccess,HubTransport,ManagementTools  /OrganizationName exmydomainname
Note: the prepare AD command must be run in the same site with your domain's Schema Master Server and you must be a member of Enterprise Administrators and Schema Administartors Active Directory groups to run this commands.If there are errors verify your Event Viewer -> Application Log to view them.

Hope this helped you.Thanks for reading.

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