Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I quit my job finally I can take no more

I'm so sick of working for people who demand more and pay less!! If you want to give us more tasks then don't cut our salaryes give us moore money dumb ass! It's to much to ask to have a good paid job these days in Romania what the f*$#k ??
I can't live with what you are giving me!Well I guess it's time to move one.
Please if someone knows some good jobs  please tell me.In Romania things aren't going so well so I'm really interested in leaving this country.A  good IT job in Canada,Australia or England would be so cool if I could find... I have 2 college degrees in IT, and I have a Microsoft System Administrator(MCSA)and a MCTS.

Thanks for reading my lament :) It's time to update my CV and go job hunting.

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