Thursday, March 3, 2011

Memory Bottlenecks Performance Counters

Memory Bottlenecks

Memory\Available MBytes - if this counter is greater than 10% of the actual RAM in your machine then you probably have more than enough RAM and don't need to worry ;set an alert to trigger if it drops below 2% of the installed RAM ;
Memory\Pages/sec - indicates the number of paging operations to disk during the measuring interval ; you should create an Perfmon Alert for this counter when number of pages per second exceeds 50 per paging disk to alert you that you need more RAM.
Memory\PageFaults/sec - is the sum of hard and soft page faults
Process\Working Set - determine which process is consuming larger and larger amounts of RAM
Memory\Cache Bytes - which measures memory leaks; a reboot solves memory leakage into the non-paged pool;
Memory\Committed Bytes - If the value for committed bytes is greater than physical memory, then more RAM would help ;
Memory\Transition Faults/sec - which measures how often recently trimmed page on the standby
list are re-referenced ; if this counter value increases over time you have insufficient RAM
Page File\Usage (_Total) - create an alerter to notify if it exceeds 70.Then is the case to move the page file to another drive or split it across drives.

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