Thursday, March 3, 2011

System Availability and Processor Performance Counters

System Avalilability

System\System Up Time - how many Seconds passed since your server's last restart
Process\Elapsed Time – time since winlogon process has started;monitor processes associated with specific applications and services to monitor the availability of these applications and services

Processor Bottlenecks

Processor\ Processor Time (_Total) - measures the total utilization of your processor by all running processes ;if you have a server with multiple processor then this counter measures the average processor utilization of your machine ;50%-healthy,50%-90% monitor or caution;over 91% critical the processor can't handle it.
Process\Processor Time – see what processes utilize most of the processors power;use all instances when you want to detect which process consumes most processor time;(Process Store – Excange,Process Inetinfo – IIS)
Processor\Privileged Time (_Total) - processor utilization for kernel processes;the server is underpowered;constantly over 75% indicates a bottleneck
Processor\User Time (_Total) - show processor utilization for user-mode processes ;if this counter is high you have to many roles installed on this server
System\Processor Queue Length - how many threads are waiting for execution ; if you have multiple roles installed and the counter value is over 8 you have a problem;if you have multiple processors or cores this number will be divided amongs them;then the queue lenght per processor/core must not be over 2;

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